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Concepts in Cytomics


former: Cell Biochemistry Group
*external link Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried

The goal of this concept display is to advance the scientific discussion on the potential of cytomics in basic as well as in clinical research with regard to predictive medicine, biomolecular diagnostics and consensus development at an interdisciplinary level.
- Disease related processes can be determined at the cellular level by cytometric methods since diseases are caused by molecular changes in cellular systems or organs. This permits disease detection (diagnosis) as well as the prediction on future disease progression in individual patients.
- Clinical cytometry addresses frequently immunological and hematological issues by cellular immunophenotyping as major methodology e.g. in leukemia classification, hematopoietic stem cell or kidney transplantation and HIV infection monitoring.
- Multiparameter measurements of cell functions in conjunction with antibody binding and DNA determinations are important for the detection and follow-up of fast developing clinical processes like infectious, allergic, thrombotic or rheumatoid affections as well as for the control of therapy.

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1. General Concepts

     Cytome & Cytomics
   internal link Human cytome project (Günter Valet, Attila Tarnok)
     (2003, 2004a, 2004b, 2005, PDF, definitions, references)
   external link Human Cytome Project (2003a/2003b Peter van Osta)
   internal link Predictive Medicine by Cytomics
   internal link Cytomics, a Biomedical Key Discipline
   internal link Cytome & Cytomics (definition)
   internal link Data Mining & Knowledge Extraction
   internal link Data Pattern Classification versus Modelling
      = Low complexity: Modelling for data reduction
          (mean volume, coefficient of variation (CV), % frequency
          of erythrocyte populations)
      - erythrocyte volume populations (1-param Gaussians)
         analytical (3, 2, 1)
         preparative (6, 5, 4)
      - erythrocyte volume populations (2-param Gaussians)
         analytical (7)
      = High complexity: Data pattern classification
         (standardized 5-15 parameter disease & patient classification masks)
       - predictive medicine by cytomics
   internal link CyTOF Data Analysis: Discrimination or Correlation ?
   internal link 20 years DGfZ (PDF)
   internal link 30 years DGfZ (PDF)

     Tissues & Cells
   external link Human Toponome Project (Walter Schubert)
   external link Toponomics (Martin Fraunholz)
   external link Tissomics (Attila Tarnok)
   external link Tissomics: Cytomics goes 3D (Rupert Ecker, Attila Tarnok)
   external link Cytometry in Cell Biology (Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz)
   internal link Microorgamisms and Plant Cells

     Cytometry History
   internal link Cytomics & Flow Cytometry at Martinsried
   internal link Analytical Cellular Pathology: Presence and Future
   internal link Early Concepts in Flow Cytometry

2. Clinical Cytomics

   internal link Cytomics, from Prognostic to Predictive Medicine
   internal link Cytomics, a Practical Approach
   internal link Automated Disease Classification
   internal link Cellular Diagnosis in Vascular Medicine

3. Organisational Concepts

   internal link European Working Group on Clinical Cell Analysis (EWGCCA)
   internal link Europ.Fed.of Cytometric Societies

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