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Flow Cytometry: Consensus Documents,
Guidelines and Ring Trials

1. Consensus Documents/Guidelines:

  • Leukocyte Immunophenotyping
  • 2009: Diversity amongst Immunophenotyping guidelines Cytometry Part A 75A:560-561
    2005: 2nd Latin American consensus Cytometry B 70:39-44
    red button 2001: U.S.-Canadian Guidelines Immunophenotyping of Hematological Neoplasias Cytometry Part A 30:213-274
    1998: 1st Latin American consensus Cytometry 34:3
    red button 1996: Three Color Supplement,
    Cytometry(Comm.Clin.Cytom.) 26:
    1993: Leukocyte Immunophenotyping,
    Cytometry 14:702-715 (red button NIAIDS/DAIDS)
    1989: Immunophenotyping Clin Immunol Immunopathol 52:48-60

    black button Hematological Malignancies
    2009: Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) Haematologica 94:1124-34
    2008: Hematolymphoid neoplasms Ind J Pathol Microbiol 51:161-166 2006: Bethesda consensus Cytometry 72B Suppl 1 S1, S2, S3, S5-S13, S14-S22, S23-S33 (2007)
    1997: Hematologic neoplasias, Lab procedures Cytometry30
    1997: Hematologic neoplasias, Antibodies Cytometry30
    1997: Hematologic neoplasias, Data analysis Cytometry30
    1997: Hematologic neoplasias, Data reporting Cytometry30
    1997: Hematologic neoplasias, Medical indications Cytometry30
    black button 1996: Leukemia Immunophenotyping, red button Leukemia 10:877-895 (red button EWGCCA)

  • Stem Cells
  • black button 1996: ISHAGE CD34 guidelines red button J Hematotherapie 5:213-226

  • Erythocytes
  • black button 2010: Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinurea red button Cytometry B 78B:211-230
    black button

  • Cell Proliferation
  • black button 2007: KI-67 red button J.Hematopath 2:103-111

  • DNA Cytometry
  • black button
    black button 1998: DNA flow cytometry, red button ACP 17:103-110 (red button ESACP)
    black button 1995: DNA morphometry, red button ACP 8:67-74 (red button ESACP)
    black button 1993: Guidelines for the implementation of clinical DNA cytometry red button Cytometry 14:472-477
    black button 1992: DNA Flow Cytometry (Prouts Neck Consensus Conf), red button Cytometry 14:471-500(1993) (red button ISAC)
    black button 1984: DNA nomenclature convention red button Cytometry Part A 5:445-446

  • Flow Cytometric Data File Standards
  • black button 2004: red button FCS3.0 (red button ISAC)
    black button 1990: FCS2.0: red button Cytometry 11:323-332 (red button ISAC)
    black button 1984: FCS1.0: red button Cytometry 5:553-555 (red button ISAC)

    2. Ring Trials:

    black button
    thrombocyte immunophenotyping (black button EWGCCA)
    black button DNA flow cytometry (black button DGfZ)
    black button leukocyte immunophenotyping (Deutsche Ges.Klin.Chemie, DGKCh)

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