Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie (DGfZ)


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie was founded in Heidelberg in 1989 as an association of basic research, clinical and industrial scientists interested in the promotion of the flow and image cytometric field. Its original name Gesellschaft für Zytometrie (GZ) was changed into Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie (DGfZ) by membership vote in 1994

Foundation Council:
C.Cornelisse (Leiden)
G.Feichter (Basel)
W.Göhde (Münster)
K.Goerttler (Heidelberg)
H.Hoehn (Würzburg)
A.Radbruch (Köln)
P.Schwarzmann (Stuttgart)
G.Valet (München)

Past Presidents (+President-Elect):
M.Nüsse, München (1996-00)
J.Hemmer, Ulm (1994-98)
A.Radbruch, Köln (1992-96)
G.Valet, Martinsried (1990-94)
K.Goerttler, Heidelberg (1990-92)

Past Councillors:
M.Nüsse, Neuherberg (1991-96
P.Pürstner, Graz (1993-96)
S.Meuer, Heidelberg (1993-95)
V.Kachel, Martinsried (1990-94)
C.Cornelisse, Leiden (1990-93)
H.Hoehn, Würzburg (1990-93)
A.Radbruch, Köln (1990-92)
F.Otto, Münster (1990-98)

Annual meetings:
in the name of the DGfZ have been regularly organized in the communication center of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) since 1990 initially by Prof.K.Goerttler and later by Drs.K.J.Hutter and M.Stöhr.

Meeting Abstracts
were published as proceedings between 1990-1992, for 1993/94 in the journal: Analytical Cellular Pathology(ACP) of the Europ.Soc.Anal.Cell.Pathology(ESACP) and since 1995 in the form of Proceedings with a registered international book number (see abstracts 1995-).

inform the membership regularly on new developments in cytometry.

Klaus-Goerttler Award, Poster Awards as well as Travel Stipends are distributed to young scientists to acknowledge their scientific contributions to the cytometric field as well as to favor their participation in international meetings.

Electronic Information
on the Internet was initially (Sep.1994) provided by the Gopher-Server as the world wide first cytometry server: cytogerm.biochem.mpg.de established by G.Valet, Martinsried.
This node was transferred into the www-net in Feb.1995 as: http://www.biochem.mpg.de/valet/dgz.html.
Further transfer occurred in April 2001 to: http://www.dgfz.org, which is maintained by M.Stöhr, Heidelberg.

Flow cytometry courses
under the auspices of DGfZ were organized in:
- 1991/93 by G.Valet, MPI-Biochemie, Martinsried
- 1995/96 by M.Nüsse/W.Beisker, GSF, Neuherberg
- 1997 by R.Knüchel/G.Rothe, Pathology and Clinical Chemistry Institutes, Regensburg
- 1998 by A.Radbruch, Deutsches Rheumaforschungszentrum, Berlin
- 1999/2000 by R.Knüchel/G.Rothe Pathology and Clinical Chemistry Institutes, Regensburg.

Workshops and flow cytometry courses in conjunction with DGfZ were also organized since 1992 by R.Bauer Dermatology, Bonn and contacts exist with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Morphologische Zytometrie of A.Böcking Pathology, Düsseldorf.

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