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ISAC2022 Fulwyler Award
for Innovative Excellence

Günter Valet

Mack Fulwyler as an intellectually and personally outstanding scientist developed the first piezo driven cell sorter in 1965 (L1). Many of us admired his calm and clearcut reasoning as well as his noble personality. Numerous facettes of his eventful life have been made available by family members and friends (external link L2). A video from the Purdue CD10 documentation brings him back to life for a moment.

Particulary intense moments occured when Mack and myself as the invited foreign guests of the 1st Chinese Cytometry Meeting, April 20-22, 1989, organized by Prof.Shilong Cao of Shanghai Medical University. sensed from the beginning of the meeting an unexplainable vibrating tension in the audience. Mack got by chance hold of an the actual issue of the International New York Times at his hotel and informed the participants about important public manifestations in Beijing and elsewhere, that acted as trigger for the later Tienamen events. Despite the tension, there was no discussion about these manifestations amongst the participants except for a few remarks that this information might be propaganda.

As awardee, I am particularly proud to have received this prestigious prize as worldwide most prominent award in cytometry. The memorable trip to China as well as some recent aspects of multiparameter data analysis are covered by a few slides that hopefully will compensate for personal absence from the award ceremony during the CYTO2022 congress (Jun 3-7,2022) in Philadelphia due to actual Corona regulations.

Literature References:

L1. Fulwyler MJ. Electronic separation of biological cells by volume. Science (1965) 150:910-911.
external link L2. Cram LS, Arndt-Jovin D. Mack Jett Fulwyler, Pioneer of Flow Cytometry and Flow Sorting (1936–2001). Cytometry Part A 67A:53–60 (2005)

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