Concepts in Cytomics

- The goal of this forum is to advance the scientific discussion on the potential of cytometry in basic as well as in clinical research with regard to predictive medicine, biomolecular diagnostics and consensus development at an interdisciplinary level.
- Diseases are caused by biochemical changes in cellular systems or organs. Disease related processes can be determined at the cellular level by cytometric methods. This permits disease detection (diagnosis) as well as the prediction on future disease progression in individual patients.
- Clinical cytometry presently addresses preferentially the immunological and hematological field by cellular immunophenotyping as major methodology e.g. in leukemia classification, transplantation (hematopoietic stem cells, renal etc) or HIV infection monitoring.
- Multiparameter measurements of cell functions in conjunction with antibody binding and DNA determinations are of high interest for detection and follow-up of fast developing clinical processes like infectious, allergic, thrombotic or rheumatoid affections as well as for the control of therapy.
- This concept forum will display short position statements on various of these issues. The contributions are open for general scientific discussion by E-mail. This includes the display of www-pages either in direct form or by links for continuous update by authors and discussants.
for the inclusion of new topics are encouraged.

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1. General Concepts

2. Clinical Cytomics

3. Organisational Concepts

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