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  Author:   Peter Van Osta
  Subject:   Re: A Human Cytome Project ?
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Here are some links to websites with information about Cytomics, this will
provide you with some information and background about what I mean with a
"Human Cytome Project" (see below in this email).

I got the idea about using massive parallel "readers" on a
"high-throughput" backbone for Cytomics while I visited the Sanger Center
a few years ago where I saw a huge room "buzzing" with DNA-sequencing

I wanted to design and develop a cell-screening system, based on a
microscopy-based reader which could do for Cytomics what DNA-sequencing
machines did for Genomics.

Websites on Cytomics:     < back to HCP(3)     < back to HCP(3)

Best regards,

Peter Van Osta
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<>, "Tom
Anderson" <> wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Peter Van Osta wrote:
>> I was wondering if there is already something going on to set up a sort
>> of "Human Cytome Project"?
> What's a cytome? The name suggests the set of all cells, or possibly
> cell types, in an organism; is that what you mean?
> tom

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