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Pretherapeutic Identification of High Risk AML Patients

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fig.5 prognostic disease classification masks

- Patient stratification provides prognostic information for the future of patient groups or cohorts (L1) but no individualized outcome prediction (*external link L2) as obtained by data pattern classification.. (fig.3, fig.4).
- Prognostic and individually predictive data patterns show only partial identity (CD4, CD11b, CD13, HLA-DR), characterizing the difference between group prognostic stratification (fig.6) and individualized predictions.

Literature References:
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L2. Valet G, Repp R, Link H, Ehninger G, Gramatzki M and SHG-AML study group. Pretherapeutic identification of high risk acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients from immunophenotype, cytogenetic and clinical parameters. Cytometry 53B:4-10, (2003)

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