Molecule oriented home medicine (MOHM): Longer self subsistence at higher age with reduction potential for healthcare costs

Günter Valet

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  1. Introduction
  2. Essential amino acids against sarcopenia
  3. Polyphenols to maintain blood capillary density in tissues
  4. Aspirin pulse therapy to inhibit outbreak of influenza or corona flus
  5. Overcoming therapy resistance in skin & nail mycosis
  6. Thermocoagulation of skin keratoacanthomas

7. Summary: Molecule oriented home medicine (MOHM) consists of a longterm combination (pattern) of general measures for the conservation if body structure and function, comprising maintenanc of a moderate body weight (BMI 20-23), sufficient fluid, no added salt, complemented by nutrition supplements like polyphenols in beverages such as apple or grape wines, cider or beer (0,3l/d) to maintain blood capillary density in tissues, essential amino acids to avoid progressive loss of muscle tissue (sarcopenia), as well as by standard food like oat flakes, using specific treatments for skin- and nail mycosis or keratoakanthomas when required, altogether applied at a compliance rate > 95%. Starting after 70 years of age, this conditioning plan (no diet). has the potential to keep persons physically and mentally active well beyond 80 years of age. Due to sufficiently high capillary blood flow there is no significant affection by arthrosis (no joint or spine sutgery), adult-onset type 2 diabetes, increased blood pressure, disturbance of body equilibrium or accelerated decrease of brain functions and no need for prostate or cataract surgery until this age. Hearing, vision, digestive system, heart, circulatory, liver or kidney performances remain stable at a comparatively good resistance against influenza or corona virus infections when treated during the incubation period. Personal tonicity and satisfaction are favored, including the potential for a significant reduction of health care costs (family care, retirement or nursing homes, hospitals) when implemented by a sufficiently high number of people.

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