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Search the CONFOCAL archive at Best regards G.Valet ****************************************************************** Prof.Dr.Guenter K.Valet Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biochemie Cell Biochemistry Am Klopferspitz 18a D-82152 Martinsried Germany Tel: +49/89/8578-2518, -2525, Fax: +49/89/8578-2563 E-mail: [log in to unmask] Internet: At 10:14 04.12.03 +0100, Peter Van Osta wrote: >Hi, > >Here are some links to websites with information about Cytomics, this >will provide you with some information and background about what I mean >with a "Human Cytome Project" (see below in this email). > >I got the idea about using massive parallel "readers" on a >"high-throughput" backbone for Cytomics while I visited the Sanger >Center a few years ago where I saw a huge room "buzzing" with >DNA-sequencing machines. > >I wanted to design and develop a cell-screening system, based on a >microscopy-based reader which could do for Cytomics what DNA-sequencing >machines did for Genomics. > >Websites on Cytomics: > > > < > > > >Best regards, > >Peter Van Osta > >( > > -- Met vriendelijke groet, Best regards, Peter Van Osta Union Biometrica N.V./S.A. European Scientific Operations (ESO) Cipalstraat 3 B-2440 Geel Belgium Tel.: +32 (0)14 570 620 Fax.: +32 (0)14 570 621 (

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