CLASSIF1 Classification

Pretherapeutic Identification of High Risk AML Patients

< fig.4      fig.5: Prognostic Data Patterns

- Prognostic data patterns were obtained during therapeutic risk stratification of the same patients by immunophenotype, cytogenetic and clinical parameters (L1).
- Prognostic and predictive data patterns show only partial similarity (CD4, CD11b, CD13, HLA-DR)

Literature References:
L1. Repp R, Schaekel U, Helm G, Thiede C, Soucek S, Pascheberg U, Wandt H, Aulitzky W, Bodenstein H, Kuse R, Link H, Ehninger G, Gramatzki M and AML-SHG Study Ehninger G, Gramatzki M and SHG-AML study group Immunophenotyping is an independnet factor for risk stratification in AML. Cytometry Part B (2003) in press

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